Problematic Bassbar

Recently I worked on this violin which was made in Mittenwald around 1850 and had some issues which needed attention. Several cracks in the front, one of them running along the bassbar as well as the bridge and soundpost being not ideal in any sense. The closest sound description was “tin can without at lid on”- very hollow, uneven, a sharp e-string and some wolfyness.

Once the top was separated from the rib garland the reason for its bad sound was revealed- the bass bar was coming off. Since I posted about bass bars in my last blog entry I thought this would be an interesting addition.

The violin is now back together with all the cracks repaired and a new bass bar installed. 200% sound improvement! It will be played by a young violin student.

violin Mittenwald 1850








violin Mittenwald 1850

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