Visiting the Klensmide

Last summer I spent some time in Östgöterland in Sweden and took the opportunity to visit a blacksmith in Motala. That time I was looking for a special tool, a socalled “Löffelbohrer” which is great to shape the underside of bow wedges with one sharp cut. Not being able to find this tool anywhere else I went there to ask for it. They knew exactly what I was looking for but didn´t have any in stock, so I placed an order and went back there at my next trip to Sweden to pick it up. Aside the Löffelbohrer I requested them to make an inchannel gouge for cutting down corner blocks with my desired radius and also a large gouge to roughly shape archings and hollow out plates.

During the second visit my partner Ingo took some photos and we got to see the guys at work which was a great experience. Having to do with wood is quite different from this hot metal working craft!

The company is a family business and we were heartily welcomed. Their enthusiasm and experience came apparent when we talked to them and watched them work.

The tools they made are wonderful! Exactly what I was hoping for, good steel, nicely made handles, great service.

Here´s the link to their website:

A few impressions from their workshop:

Jupiter press






Two large presses used to forge the iron into shape, the machine on the left is from the 1920´s.





Detail shot of the press.





Various tongs- elongation of the craftsmens hand, their connection to the hot iron.






A fire burning local coal for heating up the iron.





Fine woodworking gouges waiting for their handles.

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